Exploring Acceptance

Acceptance is one of the most essential principles of 12-step recovery. When you first get sober, you do so as you accept that you have a problem. Once you admit…

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Loneliness in Sobriety

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Recovering from addiction is a process that takes some time to adjust to. For many people, it means giving up friendships with people they used to drink or use drugs…

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Preventing Boredom in Recovery

Many people in recovery get bored easily. For many, this feeling a trigger than brings about bad ideas, such as using or participating in old behaviors. Why is boredom such…

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Sharing Your Story of Recovery

Many people in recovery don’t share their stories often. In early recovery, you're encouraged more to listen than speak. For one thing, memory is foggy, and it can take a…

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Look Out for Addiction to Work

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Today, work or how you make a living is one of the things American culture values. Men especially are told that they are their work, while women try to balance…

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