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The standard in upscale sober living

By the Sea Recovery homes are supervised and structured specifically for men recovering from addiction, offering the ideal sober environment.

By The Sea Recovery sober living San Diego merges benchmark recovery processes with an integrative long-term stay, focused solely on successful transitions.

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6 Reasons to Choose By The Sea Recovery Sober Living

Because not all sober living homes are created equal, we invite you to experience the variables that have led By The Sea Recovery sober living San Diego to set the standard in recovery homes in California.


A 15 minute ride from the world-renowned surf beaches of North County San Diego and a walking distance from colleges, yoga studios, meditation gardens, shopping centers, recovery resources and 12 step meetings, By the Sea Recovery San Diego sets the standard in aesthetics and outcomes for recovery homes and housing.
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Establishing the ceiling and considered the top sober living homes in California with an emphasis of transition and transformation, By the Sea Recovery is the platform for early recovery where men can experience true freedom and change.
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By The Sea Recovery sober living San Diego incorporates the top structure and premium amenities in North County San Diego: granite kitchen and bathrooms, select furnishings and garden areas for meditation. We are California’s best sober house.
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Located a walk from 12 step-meetings and one of California’s premier recovery communities, By The Sea Recovery sober living Southern California makes permanent recovery possible.
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Group activities and a bike distance from the world-class surfing beaches of San Diego make our sober home the best North County drug and alcohol free sober house.
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With over 10 years of continued attention to a process of cementing a recovery journey after detox or rehab, school and work opportunities make By The Sea Recovery sober living San Diego a top resource to experience permanent recovery from addiction and alcoholism.
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Upscale Amenities

Access to all the tools you need for transition and independence: iMac workstation, high speed wi-fi and work/school software with high end printing accessories.

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Present Moments Recovery Detox

When someone has been addicted to drugs or alcohol over an extended period of time, they may not be to manage a self-Detox Protocol completely without assistance of a supportive environment and trusted Physician to manage possible discomfort. Here at Present Moments, we integrate essential components to provide a complete and safe detoxification as comfortable as possible.


Inpatient Patient Residential Treatment

The next step towards a new life in recovery, Present Moments Recovery provides 24/7 professional supervision and clinical excellence based on the highest industry standards. Our staff has treated 1000’s of cases involving alcohol or drugs such as opiate prescriptions or heroin.


Present Moments Outpatient Rehab San Diego

This new intensive outpatient program in Carlsbad, California provides the support during sober living as well as a final step in the treatment continuum to experience a life of sobriety with peers and support that we have been working towards since our first step.


Our mission is to create an inspiring and aesthetic environment where lives are transformed and families reunited by love through integrity.

Recover in an ambience of beauty

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