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Welcome to By The Sea Recovery, the sober living home that raised the bar by providing an inspirational community experience.

We Are a CARF Accredited Facility

Welcome to By The Sea Recovery

Be Part of a Vibrant Sober Community in San Diego

Experience one of the nation’s most admired recovery homes, By The Sea Recovery in San Diego. Setting the standard of safety and structure for sober houses in California, we advocate and facilitate permanent recovery from drug and alcohol addiction through a culture of positive psychology, family, and leadership.

Call us at 760-216-2077 to find out about our current availabilities and so we can get to know about your situation and see if we can help you.  Founder Mark Gladden has been helping men get and stay sober in the San Diego area for many years and developed By The Sea Recovery to address the need that many men have for a stable and secure place to live while they re-integrate back into society.

The Sober Living Home That Changed Sobriety After Rehab

As featured on CNN, By The Sea Recovery sober living home in San Diego has set the standard in the country for sober housing after drug rehab that can be paired with additional support and counseling through our IOP or intensive outpatient programs.

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    What Makes By The Sea Recovery Different?

    World Class

    Our By The Sea Recovery sober living home offers an objective based and data driven process, 24/7 on site management by a house manager (trained in CPR and First Aid), and the safety of a zero drug and alcohol tolerance environment.


    We have over 5 years of helping guide the men in our care to successful recovery outcomes in sober housing and post-rehab transitional living with a strong clinical support component.

    Our Mission

    Our world-class facility management process was founded by family members in long term recovery with a vision of healing from a systemic perspective. By The Sea Recovery sets the benchmark for sober living homes by being a certified member of CCAPP and NARR.

    Drug and Alcohol Testing

    We facilitate a safe and abstinent sober living environment through the use of a complete 13-panel cup, alcohol breathalyzer, and a certified lab 93-panel drug test confirmation process at a local industry leading lab.

    MAT Medication Management

    The staff at By The Sea sober living is qualified to manage the dispensation of drugs to help adjust craving like Suboxone, Sublocade, and Subutex (all brand names for buprenorphine).

    From Our Clients

    Our clients’ testimonials and staff are our strongest voice. We’d rather you hear from the people who make By The Sea Recovery’s heart beat.

    Sober Living in San Diego

    By The Sea Recovery sober living home in San Diego is located in “North County” – San Diego’s coastal community. This area is home to Tony Hawk, Shaun White and Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder. North County San Diego is also home to colleges, recovery resources, drug rehabs, detox centers and hundreds of twelve step meetings. Only 40 minutes from the airport, By The Sea Recovery is ideally located to extend sobriety after leaving a higher level of care at a residential drug rehabilitation center.


    “Very Friendly staff and a great living facility”

    My brother, we’ll call him James to protect his anonymity, came here after attending their detox and inpatient program. He’s had tremendous success and currently has over six months of sobriety!! James has attended other treatment facilities and sober living homes and liked this one the best. I was able to visit him here and was very impressed by their organization and structure. Very friendly staff and a great living facility. We highly recommend! Thank You Recovery By The Sea

    Jeff Hanson

    Call for a private and free consultation | 760-216-2077

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    Office:  1207 Carlsbad Village Dr., Suite Q

    Carlsbad, CA 92008


    Proud Member of SOARR