Sober Living

We live as a family and recover through structure, commitment, accountability and fun, leading to a life of uplifting purpose, serenity and ultimately change. We are more than a sober living home, we are an experience. Welcome to By The Sea Recovery, a sober home for men to not only live free from addiction and alcoholism, but to thrive fully into their envisioned selves.

man in recovery


Getting the first step in the door can be the most challenging part. Until now. Let our addiction recovery and intervention experts assist in creating or taking opportunity of those windows of awareness to begin the journey of sobriety.

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Outpatient Programs

Sometimes housing isn’t enough and therapy as well as supervised support groups can create a foundation for early recovery. Let us contact you to a personalized program in the area to compound the safety and structure of our sober living home.

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Leaving sober living? It shoudn’t end at the doorstep. Our telemedicine program and accountability make it possible to continue to connection and support that peers and professionals can provide.