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Participation in a Monitored Residence Greatly Improves Long-Term Outcomes

extended-sober-living-programNumerous studies have shown that a person’s chances of maintaining lasting sobriety increase greatly with extended treatment. After the initial separation and withdrawal from an addictive substance, ongoing support helps a person to build a new life through

  • Being held accountable to maintaining sobriety
  • Participation in 12-step meetings
  • Working a 12-step recovery program
  • Forming lasting friendships with others in recovery
  • Obtaining employment or going back to school
  • Building a fun sober lifestyle and experiencing the joys of sober living
  • Having friendly support nearby to get through the highs and lows of early sobriety

What Do the Experts Say About the Benefits of Sober Living Houses?

Studies have shown that recovering addicts who stay in sober living houses in early recovery have a much better chance of maintaining lasting sobriety. A paper published by the Alcohol Research Group, Public Health Institute, concluded that: Longitudinal studies tracking outcomes of residents in SLHs [Sober Living Houses] show they make significant improvements on alcohol, drug, legal, and employment problems and that these improvements are maintained at 18-month follow up (Polcin, et al., 2010). Factors which affect the result achieved through staying in Sober Living include

  • Living with other recovering people
  • Avoiding social situations with people using alcohol/drugs
  • Attendance and participation in a 12-step recovery program
  • A safe, stable and supportive living situation
  • Peer support

The Alcohol Research Group paper stated that most subjects were able to maintain sobriety long-term after they moved out of the sober living house. This indicates that extended treatment through residing in a sober living house in early recovery helps the recovering person to build a strong foundation for lasting sobriety and greatly increases their chances of maintaining sobriety after treatment.

By the Sea Recovery: What to Expect

safe-and-comfortable-sober-livingAt By the Sea Recovery our goal is to give each man who chooses to make our residence his early recovery home the best available support. We offer peaceful, attractive sober living housing in one of the most beautiful recovery locations in the world. Carlsbad and North San Diego County feature over one-hundred 12-step meetings nearby! By the Sea Recovery Features:

  • Safety monitored premises
  • A caring staff of professionals
  • Drug/alcohol testing to hold residents accountable to maintain sobriety
  • Located in a community with over one-hundred 12-step meetings nearby
  • Countless fun activities in this beachside resort town

Give yourself the best chance possible to build a lasting foundation for ongoing sobriety at By the Sea Recovery.

Whats Sets Our Sober Living Home Apart?


A 15 minute ride from the world-renowned surf beaches of North County San Diego and a walking distance from colleges, yoga studios, meditation gardens, shopping centers, recovery resources and 12 step meetings, By the Sea Recovery San Diego sets the standard in aesthetics and outcomes for recovery homes and housing.


Establishing the ceiling and considered the top sober living homes in California with an emphasis of transition and transformation, By the Sea Recovery is the platform for early recovery where men can experience true freedom and change.

Premium Amenities

By The Sea Recovery sober living San Diego incorporates the top structure and premium amenities in North County San Diego: granite kitchen and bathrooms, select furnishings and garden areas for meditation. We are California’s best sober house.


Located a walk from 12 step-meetings and one of California’s premier recovery communities, By The Sea Recovery sober living Southern California makes permanent recovery possible.


Group activities and a bike distance from the world-class surfing beaches of San Diego make our sober home the best North County drug and alcohol free sober house.


With over 10 years of continued attention to a process of cementing a recovery journey after detox or rehab, school and work opportunities make By The Sea Recovery sober living San Diego a top resource to experience permanent recovery from addiction and alcoholism.

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