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Men's Sober Living San Diego


By the Sea Recovery is a sober living home which has been featured multiple times on CNN and Univision for its unique environment qualities and leadership. Our ambience rejuvenates residents with interactive sessions and innovative experiential group activities.

With the highest living standards, structure, sober living culture and above all safety for continuous and permanent recovery process to flourish, By the Sea Recovery sets the tone for the top recovery houses.

By The Sea Recovery provides structured men's sober living in San Diego for those seeking long-term sobriety. Call us now at 760-216-2077.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

When appropriate, we offer MAT Dispensation at our sober living home.

The staff at By The Sea sober living is qualified to manage the dispensation of drugs to help adjust craving like Suboxone, Sublocade, and Subutex (all brand names for buprenorphine). Our accreditation with California DHS (Department of Health Services) and our CARF Accreditation are symbols of our exceptional dedication to providing the best recovery environment possible -  including the management and dispensation of MAT medications like these.

Outpatient & Aftercare

Our sober living homes are part of Present Moments Recovery Group, also in the Carlsbad (North County San Diego) area. Associated with a fully licensed and certified residential drug treatment facility, we are able to provide access to the excellent counselors and staff members that make up their team to support a well-rounded lifestyle and facilitate therapeutic processes to maintain and enhance sobriety efforts during early stages recovery.

There is simply not a better combination of location, amenities, and staff out there than what can be found at our coastal homes in North San Diego County.


Evidence suggests that family and concerned people’s interventions are extremely successful especially when professionals are involved. The success rate may be as much as 90 percent, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) says.  A successful intervention involves careful planning by the intervention team. Family and friends are important in helping those in need of recovery admit that they have a problem, need help, and agree to treatment. A trained interventionist should be on hand to guide the proceedings in an objective way to facilitate a positive outcome.

“Meeting You Where You Are” & Treatment Recommendations

It’s good to know that there is an extended continuum available when you or a loved one enter treatment, but it can possibly be overwhelming for the person entering treatment. Don’t let this stop you from reaching out to our team. When you contact our intake counselors to get a confidential assessment of your situation and insurance policy etc, we will outline a treatment program that will work for your current outlook and resources.

The important thing is to receive professional treatment to get initial sobriety from drugs and/or alcohol. After the person “comes out of the fog” of their physical dependence on the drug, it’s much easier to make decisions and get commitments about the best next steps to take.

Contact Our Sober Living for Men in San Diego

At By The Sea Recovery, we understand the unique challenges men face on the road to recovery. Our tailored programs provide a supportive brotherhood focused on building the life skills and resilience you need to maintain long-term sobriety. Our charming property provides a tranquil refuge to focus on your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Take the first step and call us today at 760-216-2077 to speak with one of our experienced counselors about our personalized treatment plans.

Why Choose By The Sea Recovery?

  • Experienced Professionals:
    By the Sea Recovery has live-in management to ensure our environment remains safe and secure for our residents. We all work a program of long-term recovery to promote an environment of positive reinforcement through action.

  • Location:
    With over 100’s of support groups a week, North County San Diego provides on of the country’s top recovery communities with opportunities ranging from entry level jobs and multiple Educational Institutions to Recreational and Leisure Activities

  • Credentialed:
    Members of the Society for Addiction Recovery Residences, the California Consortium of Addiction Professionals, and San Diego Society of Addiction Professionals, By The Sea Recovery goes beyond the standards of San Diego recovery home requirements to set a benchmark in sober living environments and quality of care.

  • Safety:
    Supervised. Drug testing. Peer oriented and client centered. We made sure safety and cleanliness were a foundation for recovery to attend every client’s healing, journey and blossoming.

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