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Continuing Sobriety is Easier When Life is Uplifting

san-diego-sober-living-lifestyleIn early sobriety, building a new life after treatment can present challenges to your recovery. A strong and healthy social-support system is crucial to maintaining lasting sobriety. A safe and supportive place to live and regular participation in a twelve step program are among the most important factors affecting a newcomer’s long-term outcome.

A Public Health Institute study on long-term outcomes of recovering alcoholics/addicts who reside in Sober Living Housing found that transitioning into a sober lifestyle in a good, healthy sober living house with moderate controls can make the difference between lasting sobriety and a relapse.

Building a Strong Foundation for Lasting Recovery

One factor which has a huge negative impact on an individual’s long-term recovery outcome is drug or alcohol use among people in that person’s social network. Newcomers need to avoid socializing with those using drugs and alcohol, including family members. People in early recovery must form friendships and build a support network with others who are committed to living sober and to building a high-quality of life in sobriety.

An unsafe living environment is another negative circumstance which can precipitate relapse. Choosing to live in a safe, supportive sober living house in early recovery will greatly increase an individual’s chance to maintain lasting sobriety.

A safe sober living house is one where regular testing is done to ensure that all residents are maintaining sobriety. In a safe sober living house, residents are held accountable to participate in their own recovery by attending 12-step meetings such as AA and NA. Attendance at regular house meetings ensures that problems which commonly arise in communal living are addressed as a group and resolved in a caring, healthy way.

By the Sea Recovery: The Absolute Best in Men’s Sober Living Housing

At By the Sea Recovery Sober Living House men support each other in building a strong foundation for their future as sober, productive people. The Sober Living House is connected with By the Sea Recovery Center and has a house manager on the premises and a staff of caring professionals nearby.

Residents are required to

  • Undergo regular testing for alcohol/other substances
  • Attend regular 12-step meetings and work a 12-step program
  • Participate in weekly house meetings
  • Work or attend school outside the house
  • Maintain a healthy living standard and do household chores

Men form friendships and lasting connections as they live, grow and recover together. These healthy bonds among people with mutual goals frequently become lifelong friendships.

Rediscovering the Joy of a Sober Lifestyle

By the Sea Recovery is located near one of the most scenic coastlines in the world, in a vibrant beach community with over one-hundred 12-step meetings nearby. The house itself maintains an ambience of peace and comfort. There are many fun and healthy activities at hand, including

There’s no better place to rediscover the joy of living sober and healthy among a community of newfound friends!

Whats Sets Our Sober Living Home Apart?


A 15 minute ride from the world-renowned surf beaches of North County San Diego and a walking distance from colleges, yoga studios, meditation gardens, shopping centers, recovery resources and 12 step meetings, By the Sea Recovery San Diego sets the standard in aesthetics and outcomes for recovery homes and housing.


Establishing the ceiling and considered the top sober living homes in California with an emphasis of transition and transformation, By the Sea Recovery is the platform for early recovery where men can experience true freedom and change.

Premium Amenities

By The Sea Recovery sober living San Diego incorporates the top structure and premium amenities in North County San Diego: granite kitchen and bathrooms, select furnishings and garden areas for meditation. We are California’s best sober house.


We have over 5 years of helping guide the men in our care to successful recovery outcomes in sober housing and post-rehab transitional living with a strong clinical support component.


Group activities and a bike distance from the world-class surfing beaches of San Diego make our sober home the best North County drug and alcohol free sober house.


With over 10 years of continued attention to a process of cementing a recovery journey after detox or rehab, school and work opportunities make By The Sea Recovery sober living San Diego a top resource to experience permanent recovery from addiction and alcoholism.


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