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Sober Living for Seniors in San Diego

What Is Sober Senior Living?

Many people transition to an assisted living facility as they age. Assisted living can help with daily living activities such as showering, dressing, and medication. Seniors in a sober living home may have unique needs and preferences, given their age and potential history of substance abuse. Sober senior living helps meet these needs.

The specific amenities and services required can vary, but here are some common ones that can be beneficial for seniors in a sober living environment:

  • Safe and Comfortable Accommodations: Seniors often require comfortable and accessible living spaces. This includes well-maintained bedrooms and common areas that are conducive to relaxation.
  • Nutritious Meals: Access to healthy, balanced meals is essential for people as they age, as nutrition plays a significant role in overall well-being. Dietary restrictions and special diets may need to be accommodated. Many clients have food sensitivities or dietary needs such as diabetes.
  • Medication Management: Many people entering senior living may have been prescribed medications for various health conditions. An old sober living home offers medication management to ensure meds are taken as prescribed. (This is also important for people with memory lapses; they may accidentally take more than prescribed.)
  • Regular Health Checkups: Seniors often require frequent doctor visits for chronic illnesses and access to medical care. Services to transport them to medical facilities or on-site healthcare providers can be valuable.
  • Mental Health Support: Many people in recovery have specific mental health needs, including therapy and support for co-occurring disorders like depression and anxiety.
  • Recreational Activities: Engaging in fun activities helps older people stay active and maintain a sense of purpose. Group outings, hobbies, classes, or exercise programs can help people relax and bond with each other.
  • Transportation Services: Access to transportation, either in-house or through partnerships with local services, is crucial for seniors in sober living to attend medical appointments, outside 12-step meetings, and other necessary services.

Social Supports for Sober Senior Living Communities

Seniors in recovery can benefit from a supportive community. Encouraging interaction and socialization among residents can help combat feelings of isolation and loneliness. For many seniors in recovery, life seems unfamiliar and overwhelming. Staff in sober senior living homes help people adapt to the community and help them find the support they need to thrive.

Involving family members or close friends in recovery can help family members strengthen their relationships with their loved ones. Family therapy or support groups can help build a robust support system and help support a person's transition to a sober senior living home.

Professional Staff Support 24/7

Having staff available around the clock is essential, especially for seniors needing assistance in an emergency. Many older people live with chronic illness and have serious health episodes; minutes matter. All senior care facilities should have somebody trained in CPR and a plan for addressing relapse or other crises, including clear protocols and trained staff. For seniors with cognitive impairments or memory issues, specialized care and support may be necessary.

It's essential to assess seniors' specific needs and preferences in a sober living home; not all individuals will require the same level of care or services. Customized care plans and flexible support structures can better cater to clients' diverse needs in sober senior living facilities.

While healthcare needs are often prioritized, maintaining mental health is essential for sober senior living. Many aging people live with chronic illness, disability, or chronic pain. Sometimes, learning to accept help is difficult. This is where a therapist or social worker can help people decide what they want from life and how to achieve those desires while sober.

Learn More About Sober Senior Living

Learn more about what we offer seniors in recovery, our amenities, and payment options by giving us a call. We can help you figure out the needs of your loved ones and plan to help them live the highest quality of life possible.

Some Reasons to Choose By The Sea Recovery

  • Experienced Professionals
    By the Sea Recovery has live-in management to ensure our environment remains safe and secure for our residents. We all work a program of long-term recovery to promote an environment of positive reinforcement through action.
  • Premium Amenities
    From computer station to comfortable bedding and furniture, let an ambience of peace support the transition towards sobriety
  • Location
    With over 100’s of support groups a week, North County San Diego provides on of the country’s top recovery communities with opportunities ranging from entry level jobs and multiple Educational Institutions to Recreational and Leisure Activities
  • Credentialed
    Members of the Society for Addiction Recovery Residences,  the California Consortium of Addiction Professionals, and San Diego Society of Addiction Professionals, By The Sea Recovery goes beyond the standards of San Diego recovery home requirements to set a benchmark in sober living environments and quality of care.
  • Safety
    Supervised. Drug testing. Peer oriented and client centered. We made sure safety and cleanliness were a foundation for recovery to attend every client’s healing, journey and blossoming.
  • Shaped by our Clients
    Don’t take our word for it. Let our clients, family and loved ones communicate the impact of our recovery homes in their lives.
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Our Reviews
June 23, 2021

I am the mother of a 32 year old man who has realized great success with his sobriety , living in a By The Sea Recovery house. The support system there has been remarkable. We are so grateful that our son knows he's not unique to this disease. And we know that upon his re-entry in to his community at large he'll have tools learned at By The Sea that are lasting. We are grateful beyond words for the support he has received while @ By The Sea. The management is outstanding. I cannot speak highly enough of this wonderful agency. Thank you By The Sea.

September 24, 2020

My name is Eduardo and I had the opportunity to received the support and reside in By The Sea Recovery for 5 months. I have only words of gratitude and can’t speak highly enough of my experience in the house. I would be always grateful to Mark and Amy for the respect and endless support not only while in the house but through out my recovery. House is clean and very well kept by Delroy while treating you with respect and like an adult. Highly recommended

October 24, 2019

I researched a number of sober living facilities in the area and found that "By The Sea Recovery" was absolutely the best. Mark Gladden is the owner and CEO of the facility and he runs a great program. He communicates very well and tells it like it is with no B.S. He is honest, fair and compassionate. He genuinely cares about the residents and does whatever he can to help ensure success. Debbie is the house manager and she is amazing. She runs a tight ship but also builds comarady among the residents. She knows when residents need privacy but also recognizes when someone is struggling and needs to talk. She is a great cook and her Chili Colorado is out of this world. I highly recommend "By The Sea Recovery" to anyone looking for a sober living facility.

July 5, 2019

I own a Women's Sober Living Home next to Present Moments. One of my residents went there for out-patient and spoke very highly of their program. She would come home at night, excited about everything she learned. She said this was the first time she was able process her feelings in a group. She spoke very highly of the counselors their and was a changed women when she was finished. I appreciate the quality of treatment that Present Moment Recovery has to offer and will continue to refer my residents to them. From a friendly neighbor, Sober Living Today, LLC

November 4, 2018

We highly recommend Mark and his facility. We have dealt with a number of different sober living facilities over the years. This one is by far the most professional and helpful.Mark answered a cold call from us when we were confused and desperate trying to help our son. Six months later he is transitioning to living on his own and we are thankful for Mark and the By the Sea community. Thank you!

October 30, 2017

My brother, we’ll call him James to protect his anonymity, came here after attending their detox and inpatient program. He’s had tremendous success and currently has over six months of sobriety!! James has attended other treatment facilities and sober living homes and liked this one the best. I was able to visit him here and was very impressed by their organization and structure. Very friendly staff and a great living facility. We highly recommend! Thank You Recovery By The Sea

December 31, 2016

Mark is a professional. His knowledge of addiction and rehabilitation as well as timely information on health insurance issues, sober living and recovery for both the addict and their family is invaluable. He is the expert one needs! Leslie Wilson Orinda, CA

June 26, 2015

I came in to By the Sea Recovery on January 17th of 2015. I came in as a resident to a loving and inspiring environment. The love that I experienced when I walked through the doors are above and beyond just any sober living. This is not your average sober living. This is a family and band of brothers who help each other every day in every aspect of life that goes beyond just recovery. The culture of the home can't really be put into words other than love and respect. My family has been reunited and we share a beautiful relationship today. By the Sea is the cornerstone of my recovery and I am forever grateful for the experience I have had with the people I consider my family. If you are looking for an inspiring and aesthetic environment where lives are transformed and families reunited through love and integrity then By the Sea is the place for you or your loved one. God bless.

May 1, 2013
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