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What Are The Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana?

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Synthetic marijuana, also called “fake pot” K2, and Spice, are drugs that have become popular in the US. In the past few years, they have also increased in danger. Sold online, at shady gas stations and by drug dealers, the drugs are cheap, with some variations costing less than $5 a bag.

Synthetic drugs like K2 are always a danger to public health, especially in depressed areas. Law enforcement struggles when it comes to enforcing the laws. One drug is outlawed and another one emerges on the market with a few different ingredients.

There is no one formulation of the drug, and recent formulations in places like Washington DC have left people convulsing or left with bleeding organs, a side effect of being laced with Warfarin. The drugs themselves give an intense high that causes hallucinations, self-harm and racing heartbeats. Sometimes users pass out or mumble incoherently, unable to help paramedics who are trying to save their lives.

Is it Legal?

In most states and cities across the country, synthetic mairjuana is banned by law. The problem is that the manufacturers of the substances often change the formula to stay one step ahead of the law. So K2 and Spice may be illegal in your city, but newer versions with different names might be considered legal.

Who Uses Synthetic Weed?

Synthetic marijuana is used by people who might get drug tested but they still want to get high. Naturally, it’s favored by people on probation to avoid failing drug tests. Teens also experiment with it for this reason. Drug dealers also target the most vulnerable, such as the poor and homeless. The low prices are attractive and many users mistakenly believe they’ll react to it the same way the same way they do with marijuana in plant form. Synthetic marijuana, however, has dozens of  chemicals in it. It’s known to be as much as two hundreds times as strong as the marijuana plant.

Synthetic weed has begun to cause problems in areas of cities that are low income or close to homeless shelters. Prisons now catch inmates with the drug or learn about its use because a bad batch causes overdoses in prison.

Talk to Family About Fake Pot

If you have teens or loved ones you suspect abuse substances, talk to them about the dangers of K2 and Spice. The “high” isn’t worth the danger to life.

Synthetic Marijuana is Addictive

People who use synthetic marijuana regularly sometimes can’t stop using on their own. Just like other synthetic drugs, K2, Spice and other formulations can be highly addictive. The good news is that there’s help available if you want it.

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