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Sobriety: Just how hard is it?
sober Park view above House

Sobriety: Just how hard is it?

Everyone’s first thought. Must be overwhelming. Impossible. Luck. Miracle. Well, there seems to be a pattern with those that ‘got it’.

Lots of meetings. Sponsorship. Stepwork. Personal growth. Education. We’ve seen it all. From big book thumpers to higher education, there seems to be an underlying factor: being connected and being thirsty for growing as an individual.

Paradoxically the inner growth is balanced by the connections for it is easy to get lost wanting to be ‘spiritual’. The sense of bond in early recovery is spiritual in itself given the distance from others during addiction. The vulnerability of sharing and being open with others in sobriety psychologically develops trust and belonging, a highly elating feeling and chemically supportive to the healing.

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